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July 25, 2010


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how necessary was it refer to a gazebo on an island as a nipple?

It always amused me that the USA has a park named the Grand Teton. If the Puritans knew what it means, it'd get renamed pronto.

That being said... Have you read novels that you read that were published in 2010 and which I can nominate next year, since I'm going to the worldcon? I'd rather not do a last-minute marathon.

I had to look up Grand Teton, but...snicker.

The easiest way to see what I've been reading is to look at the Books category archive, which is mostly complete (I have to remember to tag posts, and not everything I read gets posted about) or the Comics archive if you're looking for that. The Rixo Bookstore (link at upper right) is a more efficient way to look.

But looking back at those categories, I don't see anything I've read published this year that would be something I'd nominate. YMMV. But I often don't nominate much, since I don't make a special point of keeping up with the field.

In New Zealand, they pronounce www in URLS as "dub-dub-dub". Which would make this "dub-dub-dub-wake". Other than making people think that one is a kiwi, this probably is not of much use.

Neil W... I also say 'dub dub dub'. By the way, that may make the book obsolete (like 'the Questor Tapes') because it seems like fewer and fewer site names now start with 'www.'.

Susan... Thanks for the reminder of where to look that up. I don't keep up with the field's novel-length stuff (except thru reading about it in Locus) because most of it comes out in those bulk/pricey hardcovers and I'm more a paperback person. Besides, I read enough short fiction to keep me busy.

Once again, I'm impressed by your ability to speed-read! I'm also jealous that you have the TIME to read this much in one week. Fortunately, I'm really enjoying reading your reviews, so please keep posting them. I'm not a big Sawyer fan so this review didn't surprise me.

I stopped reading Sawyer years ago. He always has female characters as underneath.

Serge, all URLs still have www in their formation, it's just that the internet has changed and will let that go. Many places use a subdirectory there, like my http://beadwork.mjlayman.com (it can also be www.mjlayman.com/beadwork)

Marilee... Do you remember why they even had the DubDubDub as part of site names in the Dawn of Cyberspace?

Wasn't it (isn't it still) 'www' as opposed to 'ftp'?

Serge, what it comes down to is that the World Wide Web is not the whole internet. Web addresses began with 'www' to distinguish them from any of several other kinds of internet service (of which, as Mary Aileen has mentioned, ftp was and is a common one). An internet server like rixosous.com might have www.rixosous.com, the web site, and ftp.rixosous.com, the FTP service, and gopher.rixosous.com and telnet.rixosous.com and...

It seems to be the case these days, though, that for much of the general public the Web is the internet, and increasingly the web site has become the default service. This web site still has a 'www' on the front, but if you type just 'rixosous.com' into your web server, that will get you the web site too. Or then there's nielsenhayden.com, which doesn't have a 'www' on the front.

Incidentally, the host of Radio National's weekly language programme pronounces in "vuvuvu". In case that strikes you as more appealing than any of the already-discussed alternatives.

Paul A... Thanks for the explanation. Of course I had to look up gopher.rixosous.com...

Yeah, I remember using gopher a lot -- nothing like google!

I got the SFBC catalog today and they show all the WWW: books as having just the final name, like Wake.

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