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September 21, 2010


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Forbidden Planet
King of Texas
Castle of Blood
The Bellero Shield

The last especially could make kids want to shoot luminous aliens next time the latter hitch a ride down a laser beam.


There's also "West Side Story". True, that one and the ones I've mentionned before aren't exact transpositions of the originals into a more modern setting, but inspired by them. Still, this is all very silly. Or extremely stupid, depending on your mood.

Click through on my links. :)

Susan... That'll teach me to assume too quickly that I have missed someone's point. :-)

If people are going to be concerned about any modern Shakespeare adaptations, they should be worried about Gnomeo and Juliet.

Somehow I missed that one...

More links added to the original post above!

Well, this balances out the Merchant of Venice in modern dress I saw when they were all yuppies and making money by screwing every penny and torturing contracts and the law to breaking point was good!

Sadly for Jim Russell the anti-semitism of the play was played down in that version.

I recommend staying away from "ShakespeaRe-told", in which "Much Ado About Nothing" was set in a TV station, which would have been OK if, after throwing ou the original language, they had at least kept any of the wit of the original.

Merchant of Venice you can make a legit case for being anti-Semitic, though I'd balance that somewhat by pointing out that for its time, Shylock is a relatively well-rounded character and far from the worst caricature he could be. Taming of the Shrew is likewise a big problem play nowadays. But I never took any moral message one way or the other from Othello about interracial marriage. A message that people will freak out and hassle you, yes, but not that that made it wrong.

Much to their credit, the local Republican party is displaying some standards and is going to court to remove this guy from their ballot line. They plan to endorse another candidate.

Since I'm in a good mood this morning, I'm going to assume that this was because they had no idea of his history of racism rather than because they cynically thought it would not be revealed before the election.

Susan... I vote for cynicism.

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