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November 18, 2010


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Since I am already insane, I would go for number 2. What's the musical?

Jekyll & Hyde. Not a musical I would pay B'way prices for, shall we say, but $15 for a local production is more appropriate. And my friend is supposed to be really excellent. (This doesn't surprise me -- I've noticed his talent for years.)

On the other hand, how often do I get to hear from Peter S. Beagle?

John is indeed excellent in Jekyll & Hyde. I saw it on November 5 and he was just astonishing.

The rest of the cast is pretty great, too.

Eeek! Don't tell him I'm thinking of coming down. It's only a small chance, but if I do I want it to be a surprise.

What do you think?

I for one welcome the sight of slightly risqué t-shirts.

Having a good time at the con, Susan?

Hm. Well, it sounds like you should have a good time with either of those choices, so I suppose do what feels right to you at the time. Have a good weekend, wherever you go!

Go for the crazy!!!

Xeger... Go for the crazy!!!

Cue in Patsy Cline.

So, did you come down for J&H?

Since I posted that reply from my sister's place in Maine, there wasn't much chance of my spilling that you were thinking of coming down. :D Back home now, though.

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