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December 02, 2010


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When I was in Auckland someone pointed out a hill to me and said "dormant volcano". And then the next hill. And then the next hill. And then an island. And then another hill.

They told me that sometime between tomorrow and a thousand years time, one was going to go off and wreck the city.

Not as impressive as Rotorua, where they pointed out the hills surrounding the lake, and told me it was a volcanic crater 50 km across. On the other hand that bus driver was the least reliable on facts that I had, so maybe not.

Some of the geological features here is New Mexico are volcanic. Should make like interesting if they go boom.

Rotorua: oh, it's a crater alright, though at that size they get called caldera. I figured this out after a day or two and incredulously mailed the friend who recommended it to point out that she had recommended that I vacation INSIDE A VOLCANO WTF?

I loved Rotorua, though.

One side benefit of next year's worldcon is that it's within (longuish) driveable distance from Mt Lassen. Seeing scalding-hot water bubbling out of the ground is awesome. And does it smell.

The plan I thought I was working on had me arrive at Rotorua mid-afternoon, spend a day there and then leave mid-morning on the third day. As it turned out I lost a day somewhere, so would get there mid afternoon and leave the next morning. I scaled back my plan to a stroll by the lake and looking at some gallery/exhibition or something - I forget what exactly.

Then the bus broke down, so it was already dark when I got to Rotorua. I wandered across a park full of hot springs, found a pub which served food and had something to eat and got back to be told that I needed to leave for my bus at 8.30 in the morning. So I hadn't really had a chance to notice the hills until we were pulling out and heading up into them.

That was the place where I was in room 12A (between room 12 and room 14).

I wandered through that park my first evening too!

The entire TOWN of Rotorua smells of sulfur.


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