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January 13, 2011


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As far as I can tell, you only talk about Kelley Armstrong here when she releases some new work and you read it*. On the other hand, that does mean you talk about her at every opportunity.

Good luck! Don't forget to enjoy yourself.

* Until now of course.

Wish we could be there. But a 40th takes precedence. :)

Neil: yeah. If she weren't so ludicrously prolific it wouldn't be a problem. I'm actually at least two books behind on her Otherworld series, and she has another proto-series as well which I'm not following since the first book didn't impress me enough to bother.

Good luck!

Do you think Aurora Celeste is a real/original name? I hope you have fun!

I sort of hope it's not real. I would be annoyed by my parents doing that to me.

How did Vampires, Gender, and Sexuality... How did that go? What did panelists say about why the woman usually is the 'normal' one in the relationship?

And how about the masquerade? Speaking of which, today I watched the DVD of 2008's masquerade at the Denver worldcon. It brought back fond memories - including those memories of my lugging banners half a mile back to my minivan. :-)

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