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March 18, 2011


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Dance mistress Susan de Guardiola will provide instruction

Oh, that sounds good.

I wish you a wonderful time.

Things going well at the con?
(I wish Bubonicon were soon instead of the weekend after the worldcon.)

Serge: I can't speak for Nancy, but I had fun.

Glad to hear, Mary Aileen... No con-going for me until August, with the worldcon and the local con on consecutive weekends, alas. The closest to a con before then is the wedding of two fans.

Me: I can't speak for Susan, either. (Sorry, I think I left my brain at the con. Somwhere on Saturday, probably.)

Ha! I just gave AJ the link to Eye of Argon to read. Let's see what she thinks.

Hello everyone! Long time no post!

So yes, because I exist on the fringes of fandom, I had never read Eye of Argon. Never had my husband. We poured some hard cider and decided that we would alternate reading -- whenever the reader laughed, the listener would take over. I got through 48 words on my first try, and he got through 45. It took us over an hour to read the story, due to much laughter, quite a few interruptions to mock the writing, and a couple of trips to dictionary.com to see if those were real words (they weren't). In short, a wonderful way to spend an evening.

AJ... I experienced "Eye of Argon" a couple of decades ago and it was indeed... ah... awesome.

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