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April 26, 2011


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Never mind the Dread's hanging technique - why build a gallows when you're in a forest?

It was good! Because of the lipsync I'm also tempted to consider this an extended music video. This isn't a bad thing as it would be an excellent music video (Some time I should write up my thoughts on (some) music videos being a descendent of silent films)

I definitely think the rescue is an open question, although partly this is because if someone cuts the rope in the middle of a fight, they always survive, especially in Westerns.

Less is more for the Dread. Knowing nothing about them makes them scarier. If we knew they were (say) aliens or demons, we'd find it easier to see them as guys in funny costumes. Also, if this is a secondary growth forest, perhaps it's grown as a result of the destruction from the Dread's arrival?

The lack of answers is inspiring rather than aggravating!

That was quite impressive although the Dread hats were a tad silly. Regarding the weapons... The pistol appears to be a Navy Colt, which was used during the Civil War.

Thanks for telling us about this, Susan

Thinking back... It'd have been better if the Dread had never been seen clearly by the audience, and had instead been furtive presences always t the corner of our eyes.

Oh, I quite agree about the lack of answers about the Dread being what engages me. Good example of the virtues of a bit of mystery.

I think the guy's dead at the end because he does go to the fixed-stare bit with his eyes. And it makes it so much more heartbreaking.

It doesn't take long for suffocation-by-hanging to trigger the Vagal reflex and stop the heart. There's a rather good article about this here with more details than I ever needed to know about how hanging kills someone.

Susan, you are undoubtedly right when it comes to actually hanging people. It's just that having grown up with various versions of Robin Hood shooting people down from the gallows, and having watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly umpteen times, in my gut I feel the cinematic rule that "It's not too late as long as the fight is still going on".

I wonder if this is personality related -- I'm much more affected by the horrible futility of a rescue that comes just-too-late than I am by the relief of just-in-time? Does this say something about me as a person?

Could be personality related. However it seems to me that Hanging is dramatically better for a last minute rescue, as opposed to, say, decapitation* or firing squad. On the other hand I've been feeling less positive over the last few days; if this trend continues maybe I'll watch again and see if it looks like a rescue or a failure.

* The axe/sword/guillotine either cuts or not. It builds up the tension, but the climax has to be over swiftly. With a hanging you can leave the character literally hanging.

less positive over the last few days; if this trend continues maybe I'll watch again and see if it looks like a rescue or a failure.

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