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December 03, 2011


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I just can't quit Mercedes Lackey and her Valdemar series, even though the last few books haven't really been all that riveting.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

I find that Lackey tends to be better with setups than with resolutions anyway, but this series was particularly lacking in the resolution department.

The overarching problem is that she is writing the same plot over and over again and there just aren't enough fresh takes on it.

Susan: Very true.

I've mostly quit on the Valdemar books too. I loved the first two trilogies (well, Vanyel #2 was too much a stock detective story for my taste, but 1 and 3 rocked) and enjoyed the Tarma and Kethry books. The "Winds" didn't do it quite so much for me - she was already starting to be kind of obvious in her recycling of plots, and I couldn't get beyond the first 50 pages of the first gryphon book. And the Levan Firestorm book? _Ugh._

There have been fun ones scattered here and there. I rather enjoyed the first of her Elemental Mages books (different world entirely), where the core of the story was familiar but the trappings were different enough to entertain. Those have palled too. And her direct modify-a-fairy-tale novels have not been very good. Like you said, she's awful at grand resolutions. Everyone on the Good Guy side is now Best Buds and will go off to fight the evil TOGETHER! Yaaaaaaayyyy!

..Erm. 'Scuse me. I'll quit hijacking the thread now. ;)

I'm still liking the Elemental Mages books and most of the 500 Kingdoms books. But Valdemar is getting very stale.

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